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LeGolie and Marc Crayton share a laugh in the Guppies locker room recently. Legolie is the Guppies biggest off season Acquisition.

LeGolie is the first automated, inflatable hockey goaltender that is portable, and can be used on either the ice or street. It is not only fast, safe, and easy to set up and use, but challenging as well. It has been specifically designed to put your game to the test. LeGolie is available in the Junior size version. Later this year, we will offer an Adult size replacement bag available on our site at the LeGolie Store and other participating retailers.

11/13/03- Killingworth Guppies Sports Net announced yesterday that Le Goalie has been signed by the Killingworth Guppies as a replacement to the aging Joseph Linskey. The Killingworth Krier had made several calls to both Le Goalie and Linskey's agents but our calls were not returned. Killingworth seems to be concerned with it's goaltending after reaching the Division Finals the past 4 seasons and only winning two championships. Guppies Assistant Captain John Carroll, From his off season home in Naples, FL. " You can't hold Linskey responsible for those two loses but at the same time I guess changes needed to be made".
Guppies General Manager and Captain Brian Kelly seemed to be pleased about the signing of Le Goalie , "Le Goalie is the future of the Killingworth Guppies and we are please to have him here" he continued "Joe (Linskey) has had great success with the Guppies and we would like to keep him in the organization as a goaltending consultant". When asked about back up goaltender Marc Crayton, Kelly just seemed to laugh.

Le Goalie is very much unproven and could be seen as a major managerial mistake by the Guppies front office. Le Goalie is young, unexperienced, and not much for conversation; as he didn't speak a word during the entire press conference on Wednesday. Also, Le Goalie seems to be a throw back in the type of style in which he plays the game. He is a big believer in the stand up style of goaltending that led to a record amount of goals scored in the NHL during the mid80's. ESPN hockey analyst and former NHL Goalie Darren Pang was confused by Le Goalie's style "It's not often that you see a guy come up and he's totally against the butter fly style of goaltending". The "Butter fly" was developed in Quebec and was later perfected by former NHL Allstar goalie Patrick Roy. It is the type of style that most NHL goalies use today. When The Killingworth Krier asked Le Goalie to comment on this he just seemed to stare off into the distance as if he never heard the question. A type of behavior that the Killingworth media has grown accustom to while covering Linskey through out the years.
However, Le Goalie has seemed to be very friendly and talkative to fellow Guppie players like Tom Mierkiewicz "Le Goalie and I were out this weekend in the city and we had a great time" Mierk added "he can really wrap with the ladies, everything he said was pure gold". Despite his shyness, It should be a solid season with LeGoalie and Linskey splitting time in the net. The only concern for the Guppies is that LeGoalie's batteries may die in the middle of a game. "It's a concern but it's a risk that we are willing to take, I mean it's either that or we put Crayton in the net" stated defenseman Rob Murphy " No one wants to see that"! One thing is for sure that the Up coming season of Guppies hockey should be exciting!!

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