Guppies Seasons

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2008 Photos:



2003 Photos:


Murph  resting
Joe kick save!
Crayton wins a faceoff
Ladies... It's Mierk
Guppies with a big lead
Murph and Kelly
JZ on the bench
Who told Crayton to go?
Gil in Iraq w/jersey
Hand shakes
4th Team Championship
Gil on Defense
Fong goes into the net
Kelly gets a penalty
Hal Cleaning the Kitchen



2002 Photos:


The big 4
Division C Champs
scouting action
Linskey never looked better
Winning team photos
Gil's secret weapon
post game hooters
wishful thinking
Jonny action
Kelly forechecking power
TOG in da house
making it look easy
post game
our newest fan
Zito action
Linskey pre-game meditation
Merk stretches it out
a tense moment
squaring up

Updated October 26th 2002