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The Guppies are always looking for new talent on and off the Dek. Nice work by the Guppie's Scouting staff  again as these young ladies bring talent for both. Please welcome the Killingworth Guppies new "Dek Cleaning Crew".

Meet Kristen, She recently tried out for the Guppies top spot in Net. Upon her arrival the Guppies equipment managers were quickly packing Linskey's bags. Unfortunately, while she looks much better than Linskey does in the pads (Linskey may disagree). She couldn't stop a shot.....we tried...we had Crayton shooting! Young Kristen's bags were packed and she was shown the door. Rello is still walking around the Guppies training facility crying...Sorry Bri!
A chance for you to feel the fear that a child might escape Neverland Ranch and call the cops on Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson Game Go to fullsize image Escape From NeverLand!

Guppie fans are everywhere nowadays, from the trendiest clubs, to the most remote areas of the world. But it wasn’t always like that, over time and through great adversity these gritty battle worn Guppy players earned the recognition they truly deserve… but not overnight and not without a price.


To quote the immortal words of Bill Clinton, he said it best when he said…“you gotta sleep with a lot of ugly interns before you make the 11 o’clock news”


I think the point here is, you gotta pay your dues… And believe me when I say “we have all slept with a lot of ugly interns over the years…”


For most average Americans, when they hear the word “Guppy” they think of a small worthless fish like creature, with no spine…

But that has all changed!!!

Around here the Guppy is KING, surpassing many other tank bound pet fish in stature and recognition. All the hard work and dedication our fearless Guppy teammates and the often reckless and backwards leadership has spawned the Guppy legacy that it is today.

From the young luscious and nubile to the very beautiful hot and lusty, the Guppy phenomenon continues to grip young female fans and spread like a rash (literally). The fans are often overcome with the burning itch of excitement that our team generates game after game.

Fans, often woozy from the thrilling action and intense Guppy lour, which made us famous to begin with, can often times become overcome with excitement. For many fans who have heard the wild call of the guppy, or felt the itch…. The urge to get some more Guppy is almost unstoppable…

As the letters and photos keep pouring in to our main offices, our never ending search continues for the most dedicated, supple and spontaneously erotic fans we can find.


This weeks winning fans were submitted by (you guessed it) Joe Linskey, who spent three days and nights in the Guppy mailroom sorting through the thousands of letters, photos and amateur vhs tapes that he brought with him, searching for this weeks winner.. (full size)



Now you can feel the thrill of being a Guppy, "well not really".. but you can shoot on Joe..., that's right, play the Joe Linskey shooter game where insults and rejection are part of the fun click here!



Updated November 20th, 2002