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- Guppies Move to D League for the Summer  2010 Season

The Killingworth Guppies have announced that they will be moving down to the ZRink D-League for the Summer 2010 Season. The Guppies make the drastic move after get their Fins kicked for the past Four plus seasons in the B-League. Team officials had originally hoped to move the team the C-League but scheduling conflicts made the move impossible. Players had mixed reaction. "D-League works for me!" stated Keith Millen "Sounds like a lot less back checking, not that I ever do that anyways!".  Joe Linskey took offense when one reporter asked him if he was embarrassed by the move "What's there to be embarrassed about? You know how many goals I've given up the past few seasons. That's embarrassing!"  Linskey added "There is nothing wrong with the D-League ...A"D" in school is a passing grade, I should know,  I got them all the way through High School!" Marc Crayton stood in the Guppies locker room with a bewilder look after hearing Linskey's comments. He didn't comment just shook his head.

- Brian Blair's #16 comes Down from the Rafters

Prior to the start of the Guppies first game of the Summer 2010 season there will be a ceremony to lower Brian Blair's #16 banner from the Zrink's rafters. Blair had announced that he would be coming out of retirement for the Summer 2010 session. He played in a few games this past Spring, however, now he's officially back. Blair's #16 wasn't hanging very long as the Guppies retired his number only one year ago. In a press conference earlier this week Blair explained why he's returning to the dek. "When I watched that banner go up last season, I thought to myself I can still play this game! Maybe I should play next season? he continued "I figured it was best not to stop the ceremony right there and then!" As many Fish faithful wish Brian luck in his comeback bid they also start to wonder who's number will be retired now. From his home in Charlotte, NC a very bitter Steve Fink demanded that his #67 must go up next! "It's a joke that my number isn't up there already!" explained Fink. While Steve Fink is a good candidate, former Guppies defenseman Tom Mierkiewicz is said to a slight advantage among members of the the voting committee. Mierkiewicz commented on Fink's statement "I have Championship Rings, Debate over!". A Dark horse in the race is Kyle Bilafer's #91. Bilafer, like Fink, has no Championships under his belt, however, he was the first Guppie to score a Hat Trick on  6/4/1995 which could help his chances. The Guppies could make a decision as early as this season.